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Bicycle riding is a popular activity throughout the United States and a big recreational activity in Houston.  There may be times when you need a Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer. Houston does have some dedicated bike lanes, which does help with bike safety. But bicycle accidents are prevalent throughout the Houston area.  Rick Molina is an experienced bicycle accident lawyer that will fight your case in front of a jury if necessary. 

Accident Responsibility

Although bicyclists bear some responsibility for safety, it is the motorist’s job to watch out for pedestrians and bicyclists in the roadways when they are driving.

In Texas, if a bike cyclist is more than 51% at fault for an accident then his or her recovery may be barred. Please review the video above for a detailed explanation. Attorney Rick Molina is an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you recover as much compensation as possible to help you with medical bills and other issues as you recover from your injuries.

Additionally, many times, car accidents involving bicycles may lead to permanent disability and we will make sure to take that into account when representing you.

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Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Statistics

Most bicycle accidents occur in city streets rather than freeways with more than half of fatal crashes involving bicycles being after dark.  According to the website,, 59% of fatal bicycle crashes involve people under the age of 25.  From 2010 to 2016, there were over 16,800  accidents involving bicycles in Texas, resulting in over 9,700 injuries and 362 fatalities.   Hopefully, you will not ever need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer, but if you d0, Rick Molina has courtroom experience with these types of matters. 

The Texas Department of Transportation tracks motor vehicle accidents of all types.  In 2019, there were nearly 400 accidents in Houston alone and over 2,500 statewide that had possible injuries involving bicycles.  These statistics are available through their website.

What To Do If You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you were riding your bicycle on one of Houston roadways and streets and was involved in an accident where either another vehicle hit you or maybe defective equipment on the bicycle caused you to sustain injuries, then there are important steps to take to ensure the best outcome.  Motorists are supposed to look out for bicyclists when driving.  If you have been seriously hurt in a bicycle accident, follow these steps.

Call 911 After An Accident

Get help on the way

If you cannot, get someone to call 911. This will get EMS and police on the way. Get medical attention. Even if you think you may be fine, a medical evaluation is critical.

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Gather information

Take photos, get the other drivers information, get witness information. Try and get as much info as possible.

Police Crash Reports

Get a case number

The police will talk to everyone involved and possibly issue citations. They should provide you with a case number that is needed to obtain the crash report.

If you have been seriously injured, it is important that you get an experienced personal injury attorney to help you. Time is important. Contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Accidents

There are several factors that contribute to your compensation if you were involved in a bicycle accident with a negligent driver. Some of these factors include the extent and seriousness of your injuries, whether  you sustained any temporary or permanent disabilities, and insurance limits of the policy holder. An experienced personal injury attorney like Rick Molina will ensure that all aspects of your injury and loss will be determined and the highest possible recovery attained.

There are a few types of damages that are factored in bicycle accidents as in most vehicular type accidents.  Those include: special damages such as medical bills you incurred whether immediate or future treatment you may need; lost wages from not being able to return to work after the bicycle accident; pain and suffering resulting from physical and psychological effects of the accident.

Although many factors come into play when determining fault, many times it is the motorist’s responsibility to look out for bicyclists and pedestrians.  If you have been hit by a driver that was working at the time, such as an on-demand delivery driver or commercial truck driver, then the company he/she worked for may be liable if they did not follow regulations that govern commercial driving.  Either way, if you have been involved in a bicycle accident that resulted in serious injuries, it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney.