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When accidents happen, we know you have questions. We have answers.

Suffering a serious injury in an accident is bad enough, but with all accidents comes a complex legal battle to get the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.  Additionally, you may have long-term or permanent disabilities to deal with.  Using Attorney Rick Molina, you will get over 20 years of legal experience behind you.  He has helped hundreds of people with their injury cases. 

Statistics show that people who retain an experienced personal injury attorney typically recover 40% more compensation than going at it alone.  We have answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) we often get here.  If you have more questions, schedule a free consultation or simply ask us online with the form on this web page.

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis rather than a retainer basis.  This means no out of pocket expenses for you.  They only get paid an agreed to percentage of the compensation they earn for you.  So when you win, they get paid.

Texas law typically allows two years from the injury date to file a personal injury lawsuit.  Certain circumstances may extend this time.  In many cases, it is best to file a claim as soon as possible.  Attorney Rick Molina will gather evidence and interview witnesses.  Over time, these tend to fade so the sooner he can get started, the better.

In today’s DIY world, everyone tries to do everything themselves.  When it comes to personal injury law, that is a bad idea.  Call Molina Law Firm when you need a Houston Injury Lawyer. Laws and regulations are complex and open to a variety of interpretations.  Additionally, you may not be aware of certain benefits or recourse you can take if you are not intimately familiar with the law governing that type of personal injury. It is important that you understand how fault and responsibility are evaluated in a personal injury accident.

If the insurance company knows their client is at fault, many times they will try and send you a low-ball settlement offer.  This offer typically comes quickly.  Talk to Attorney Rick Molina first.  The consultation will be free with no obligation.  You may not have taken into account all your losses and the settlement offer is typically low.  If you accept the offer, it absolves them of any more responsibility.  Talk to an attorney before accepting any settlement offers.

Many factors need to be taken into account before we come up with that number.  Although there are hundreds maybe thousands of accidents everyday, the variables involved are many.  We would take into account any debt you would accrue from medical bills to getting your car fixed in an auto accident.  We also look at any lost wages from work and disabilities that may prevent you from working at full capacity.  Then there is the pain and suffering which sometimes is hard ot put a number on.  Your best course of action is to speak to Attorney Rick Molina.  He will consider your case and give you a fair assessment of what to expect and your chance of success.

Right after an accident, you only need to talk to law enforcement and answer questions concisely and truthfully but do not elaborate.  You do not need to talk to the insurance representative until you are ready.  It is a good idea to have an attorney talk to them.  They can take what you say and help them divert fault and could negatively impact your claim and compensation.  Attorney Rick Molina will deal with insurance companies and ensure your rights are protected.

Your average minor injury accident claim may settle quickly.  For greater damages, serious injury or wrongful death cases, there may be a complex legal battle.  These take longer to settle and even longer if it has to go to trial.  Attorney Rick Molina is not afraid to take cases to trial.  He is an experienced trial laywer.  He will let you know every step of the way, the best course of action and how long it may take.

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