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The 3 Collisions In Every Car Accident

There are 3 collisions in every car accident.  Each occupant has a different impact angle and impact force.   No matter how forceful the impact, these three collisions affect each occupant.  It’s important to know that car crashes involve three main types of collisions: car-to-car, person-to-car, and the shock inside your body. Knowing this helps explain the injuries people get.  The biomechanics of vehicle accidents are studied extensively. 

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The 3 Collisions in Every Car Accident

A car accident causes three key collisions: vehicle, human, and internal. These impacts can greatly affect the injuries people face after the crash.

The first hit happens when the car hits something else. This could be another car, a stationary object, or something on the road. This crash causes damage to the car and can hurt those inside.

Next comes the human collision. This collision is when the vehicle occupants keep moving after the crash. The occupants only stop when they hit something inside the vehicle or are stopped by their seat belts. This collision can lead to broken bones, damaged tissues, and other injuries. 

The last collision is internal, inside your body. This collision happens when your organs collide inside your body against your bones. If you were moving fast in the car but then stop, your body feels this sudden deceleration. This collision may cause brain injuries, damage to organs, or even bleeding inside your body.

The First Impact: the Vehicle Collision

The vehicle collision is the first impact in a car accident. It happens when a car hits something and stops quickly. Even though cars are designed to reduce impact, passengers can still get hurt in many ways.

Impact Mechanics

In a car crash, momentum and energy must go somewhere when the car suddenly stops. This can cause the car to get damaged and the people inside to be hurt. How bad the crash is often depends on the speed, angle, and what the car hits.

Common Injuries

Car accidents can lead to various injuries. Some common ones are head injuries, like concussions and whiplash. Also, people may experience spinal injuries and broken bones. 

The Second Impact: the Human Body’s Collision With the Vehicle Interior

The human collision happens when you stop suddenly after hitting something while moving fast.   The vehicle stops when it collides with another object.  However, the human occupants keep moving until the seatbelt restraints stop them or when they collide with the interior of the vehicle.   This can cause you to get hurt even with the safety measures we have. These measures are meant to help but may not always prevent all injuries.

Seatbelt and Restraint Systems

Seatbelts and restraints are key in lessening how badly we get hurt in car crashes. They keep us in place, lowering our force forward. But, they can’t stop all harm. Knowing what they can and can’t do is vital for our safety. The seatbelts themselves may cause certain injuries, but they will keep you alive. 

Injury Types

Human collisions often lead to severe injuries like damage to soft tissues, broken bones, and wrongful death.  Accidents usually happen very quickly and are not expected.  After the accident, many accident victims can not remember whether their bodies hit any part of the vehicle’s interior.  

The Third Impact: the Internal Collision Within Your Body

This collsion is often the most dangerous.  When the vehicle suddenly stops, our whole body keeps moving, including the interior of our body.   This can lead to serious injuries like broken ribs, brain damage, and death. 

Internal collisions need quick and special medical care. For example, brain damage can be a small bump on the head or a serious issue needing lots of care. 

How Molina Law Firm Can Help

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