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Car Accident Insurance Settlements Explained

Insurance claim for car accidents

When it comes to car accidents, there is a common misconceptions about how much you can actually get from insurance claims.  Many people believe even minor car accidents will result in significant compensation.  Attorney Rick Molina is here to explain the car accident compensation settlement process so you can have reasonable expectations when filing a […]

5 ways a personal injury attorney helps in accident cases

Personal injury lawyer in Houston Office

A personal injury attorney can be a crucial asset in accident cases, providing legal expertise and support to help victims navigate the complexities of their claims. Here are five ways a personal injury attorney helps in accident cases: Legal Guidance and Evaluation: After an accident, it can be overwhelming to understand your rights and legal […]

Should you go to an emergency room or urgent care after a car accident?

Emergency room or urgent care image

It depends on the extent of your injuries A car accident scene is usually chaotic.  Add personal injury and the scene can become overwhelming.  You may be deciding whether you should go to an emergency room or urgent care or simply go home.  You need to carefully make this decision.  Even minor fender benders can […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your Auto Insurance Claim

Rear End Auto Accident

At the auto accident: It all starts at the scene of the accident.  How you handle this part will have a huge impact on your accident claim and what you can receive in the way of compensation for the damages and injuries you sustained. Report the accident to the police. This is important even if there […]

Car Accidents on the Rise in Houston

image of Houston highways car accidents on the rise

Car accidents are on the rise in Houston, Texas. In fact, according to the Houston Chronicle, there were more than 330 fatal car accidents in Houston in 2021, which is a 20% increase from the previous year. There are a number of factors that may be contributing to the rise in car accidents in Houston, […]